From the very beginning, Vio® was created to bring about more happy endings — for operators, customers and the environment. This story is no fairytale.


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The Vio® Bio

Vio was born in 2011, when WinCup® partnered with our sister company StyroChem® to develop the world’s first biodegradable* foam cup. This breakthrough product was then put through a rigorous, four-year-long testing regimen at an ASTM-accredited facility. Finally, we designed an entire family of Vio products that marry the traditional benefits of foam disposables (from lower cost to superior performance) with a new end-of-life story that makes everyone happy in the end.

Now available from most major foodservice distributors across the U.S.

Better From The Get-Go

From the moment they’re made, Vio foam cups go easier on the environment than comparable paper cups. Here’s how an average foam cup compares to the average polyethylene-coated paperboard cup with a corrugated sleeve.

  • 50% less energy consumed to manufacture/transport*
  • 30% less solid waste (by weight) generated*
  • 20-30% less water used to manufacture**

*Franklin Associates, LCI, March 2006
**Franklin Associates, LCI, 2011

*Cups biodegrade 92% over 4 years, lids biodegrade 66.2% over 6.6 years, straws biodegrade 78.9% over 5.8 years. Tested under conditions that simulate both wetter and biologically active landfills using the ASTM D5511 test. Wetter or biologically active landfills may not exist in your area. The stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean that the product will continue to decompose.