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7 draws C&U students can’t resist

7 draws C&U students can’t resist

Getting students to buy in to your meal plans is the holy grail of college and university of foodservice. Currently, about 45% of students participate in their school meal plans, according to Foodservice Director’s 2016 College & University Census.

So, how can you nudge that number upward? Understanding the specific needs of Generation Z consumers is a good place to start.

Here are seven ways to entice students to sign up for college and university meal plans:


Offer a robust beverage program of coffee and smoothies. Some 38% of Gen Zers prefer smoothies over other drinks – higher than any other generation, according to Technomic’s 2016 Generational Consumer Trend Report. And 22% of this group now chooses regular hot coffee, up from just 14% in 2014.

Local produce

Operators have it right: Local sourcing is the biggest food trend for foodservice directors right now, according to Foodservice Director’s C&U Census. And for good reason: Some 68% of Gen Zers are more likely to buy items called out as “local” and 83% are more likely to choose foods labeled “fresh,” according to Technomic data.

Take-out and delivery options

Today’s college and university students are always on the go. They demand online ordering and want food that tastes just as good to-go as it does for dine-in. Some 46% of Gen Zers say high-quality packaging drives their take-out business, Technomic’s generational study found. Be sure to choose to-go packaging that keeps foods contained and at the proper temperature.

Eco-friendly practices

With many dining halls switching to trayless operations and a variety of eco-friendly initiatives on many campuses, students have come to expect sustainable options. Some 58% of Gen Zers are more likely to buy sustainable versus conventional items, Technomic found. Stock eco-friendly disposables and make the student population aware of your efforts via social media and dining-hall signage.


More than any other generation, Gen Z craves customization. Boost sales with a variety of customizable offerings like noodle bowls, salad bars, DIY pizzas and more. Menu a mix of health-halo ingredients and indulgent items, as well as a combination of familiar flavors and novel ones.

Healthy options

Some 38% of Gen Z consumers—more than any other generation—are drawn to restaurants that offer healthier options, according to Technomic. Follow transparent menuing practices and be sure to offer plenty of better-for-you choices.


Gen Z’s non-stop lifestyle means non-stop eating. This demographic snacks regularly. Cater to them by offering portable, grab-and-go snacks throughout campus.

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